About Us

My mother was a hard-working educator who believed in treating herself to clothing and shoes when she was able to. She told me to always buy myself something out of every paycheck (even if it was just a pair of underwear). She said that if you work and never treat yourself you may become bitter about working. Well, I took her advice and while working for very little money, I started treating myself to a pair of earrings every two weeks. As I began to make more money, I treated myself to larger pieces of jewelry and other accessories. It is then that I discovered my love for adornments as well as my skill for selecting quality, statement merchandise. Many of my friends would ask me to shop for their accessories. While serving as a personal shopper for my friends and family, my family-rooted entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and I began to embrace the thought of selling jewelry and accessories to the public.

Along with my personal experience with jewelry and accessories, a big part of the inspiration for Sisters Unique Boutique came from the woman pictured!  She is my sister and she is definitely the epitome of unique!  She has always been a fashionista. She loves clothing, shoes, and accessories that make a statement, much like her own dashing personality!  We share a common like for the fashions that speak!!  She has a special way of coordinating her fashion that brings a sparkle to the eye!!  She has her own collection of clothing and accessories within the  Sisters Unique Boutique collection named ” The Annette Collection” ( her middle name). This is a collection of upscale clothing and accessories that fit her ” upscale personality”.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.